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   UN special envoy on climate change sets targets, meets Javadekar in Delhi [Indian Express / 27Jul2019]
   Climate action, not negotiations, is need of the day [India Climate Dialogue / 24Jul2019]
   Three Indian firms vow to limit carbon emissions in line with UN call-to-action [Financial Express / 24Jul2019]
   Companies commit to set 1.5°C climate targets aligned with a net-zero future [International Chamber of Commerce / 24Jul2019]
   Business Leaders Taking Action [UN Global Compact / 24Jul2019]
   27 companies with combined market cap of $1.2 trillion step up to new level of climate ambition [WebWire / 23Jul2019]
   $1.3tr Firms Join UN’s Call To Action To Save The Planet Challenging Governments On Climate Change [BroadGroup / 23Jul2019]
   Business giants commit to delivering net-zero strategies [edie newsroom / 23Jul2019]
   27 Companies, with Total Market Cap Of $1.2T, Rise to New Level of Climate Ambition [Sustainable Brands - Sustainable Life Media, Inc./ 23Jul2019]
   With 3 months to national ODF deadline, 18k toilets still needed [Goa Herald / 03Jul2019]
   Two Goan firms amongst five to supply 16,000 bio-toilets across state [Times of India / 21-Jun-19]
   Business for Change - Partnerships in Sanitation [India Sanitation Coalition /29-Apr-19]
   Warangal sludge plant, a model for country [The Hans India / 21-Apr-19]
   Centre working with Telangana to treat faecal sludge: Official [TelanganaToday / 21-Apr-19]
   Banka BioLoo Submits Communication on Progress for 2019 [CEO Water Mandate / 28-Feb-19]
   A sanitation resource park near Hyderabad is the sequel to Toilet: Ek Prem Katha [The New Indian Express / 28-Feb-19]
   Banka BioLoo 2017 Commitment Progress [Every Woman Every Child / 20-Feb-19]
   18 faecal sludge, septage plants to come up in Hyderabad [TelanganaToday / 17-Jan-19]
   Women Transforming India Award [The Arunachal Times / 20-Dec-18]
   NITI Aayog Organises the Third Edition of the Women Transforming India Awards  [NITI Aayog / 16-Dec-18]
   Banka BioLoo: The Human Waste Managers[siliconindiamagazine / 1-Dec-18]
   A Call to Action - Prioritize Diabetes in Pregnancy to Save Lives [Women Deliver / 16-Nov-18]
   Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation, towards a Swachh Bharat [The Hans India / 7-Oct-18]
   Banka BioLoo Complementing Havells’s Nutrition Program with Sanitation [WSSCC / 6-Sep-18]
   Supporting education through sanitation and handwashing [The Global Handwashing Partnership / 13-Jul-18]
   Science-based targets - Corporates’ ambitious shift to low-carbon [Business Line / 5-Jun-18]
   Bio Toilet Working [11-May-18]
   Women in the lead[Deccan Chronicle / 5-May-18]
   Biodigester toilets Designed by Drdo Inspirational Banka Bioloo Pvt Ltd [Home Insight / 15-Apr-18]
   Clean Hands for All: A Toolkit for Hygiene Advocacy[Global Handwashing Partnership / 15-Apr-18]
   Social Entrepreneur in India: “To be or not to be”[Medium / 10-Apr-18]
   Mr. Sanjay Banka, promoter of Banka Bioloo Limited had an interactive session on the company’s journey from a Private to Public Limited Company with the grade 12 Business Studies students.[Glendale Academy / 9-Apr-18]
   Loo and behold: From diamonds to dirt, lady makes wealth out of waste Banka Bioloo: Nothing To Blush, Co Flush With Funds [Times of India /24-Mar-18]
   Why Women Should Never Think Of Becoming An Entrepreneur?[ShopClues Merchant Community /13-Mar-18]
   India Impact Fund of Funds - Business Plan [12-Feb-18]
  From toilets to IPO – Banka Bioloo charts 10X growth [IPO Central / 4 February 2018]
   Integrated Safe-Sanitation Cycle in JJ Clusters with Bio-Toilets through PPPP and Improved Governance Structure [31-Jan-18]
   Rajasthan CSR Report 2018 [CSR Box / 30-Jan-18]
   Understanding Sanitation Preferences: An Exploratory Study in the Sirohi District of Rajasthan [SIT Graduate Institute/SIT Study Abroad / 31-Dec-17]
  Endorsement of the Principles for Water-Wise Cities[International Water Association]
  Committed to women's, children's and adolescents' health; examples of business impact[Every Woman Every Child]
  Women entrepreneurs set the stage for social change [The Hindu/27Nov2017]
  Safe Sanitation is a Necessity for All [United Nations foundation/ 21Nov2017]
  Every Woman Every Child: Banka BioLoo - Case-Study [UNF EWEC/20Nov2017]
  'Banka BioLoo' makes wealth from waste [Telangana Publications Pvt Ltd/14Nov2017]
  Gvriksh holds Waste Management Panel Discussion [Alf News/28Oct2017]
  SDG Implementation [International Agri-Food Network/27Oct2017]
  bioloo - Sustainable Solution to the Sanitation Challenge [Ashoka Changemakers/22Oct2017]
  Banka BioLoo: An Organisation With A Mission To End Open-Defecation In India [Impactpreneurs/09Sept2017]
  9 Innovative & Eco-Friendly Toilets That Can Help India Overcome Its Sanitation Woes[Times Internet Limited/02Sept2017]
  USINPAC, Smart City Works host Urban planning delegation from India[ConnectedtoIndia/23Aug2017]
  Hatch Workshop using Banka BioLoo Tanks[Hatch Instagram/08Aug2017]
  What is venture debt financing? How can startups use it to their advantage?[Entrepreneurs 27/31July2017]
  Bibliography[ENVIS Centre on Hygiene, Sanitation, Sewage Treatment Systems and Technology/24July2017]
  What you may have missed at this week's SDG Business Forum[International Chamber of Commerce/20July2017]
  Contenders for IWA-Watershare Best Practices on Resource Recovery Award announced[Watershare/18July2017]
  SDG Business Forum[UN and business bodies/18Jul2017]
  EWEC - Progress on Commitments[Every Woman Every Child/14Jul2017]
  Bioloos: Helping Achieve the Goal of Water and Sanitation for All[United Nations Foundation/13Jun2017]
  Innovate4Water - Speakers Pitches[WIPO/09Jun2017]
  Program WaterVent #11 Geneva[.../08Jun2017]
  Making Global Goals Local Business[UN Global Compact/19May2017]
  POOP 2.0 Hackathon[Turku University of Applied Sciences/18May2017]
  Business Alliance for Water and Climate - Climate Initiatives Platform[Climate Initiatives Platform/08May2017]
  Organizations to participate in the preparatory process of the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration[The President of the General Assembly/04May2017]
  All-in-one Affordable Bio-Toilets[UN Global Compact, DNV GL and Sustania/20Apr2017]
  6 sanitation startups in India that are creating impact by making toilets accessible[yourstory/19Apr2017]
  Iniave banka bioloo an indian social enterprise[.../18Apr2017]
  Bio-toilets on river banks top priority: CM[newslive24x7/13Apr2017]
  Social Entrepreneurship Lands in Denver[University of Colorado Business School/10Apr2017]
  Denver serves as launch pad for global Solutions Summit boot camp[coloradobiz/04Apr2017]
  India Records $16.8 Billion Total Deal Value In 2016[Business World/04Apr2017]
  Log Jam: 40 Startups Disrupting The Fecal Ecosystem[CB Insights/31Mar2017]
  India Private Equity Report 2017[Bain & Co/24Mar2017]
  Technical Manual on Construction Do's and Don'ts in Sanitation[Sensitise to Sanitise Coalition/16Mar2017]
  LES 10 FEMMES LES PLUS ÉCOLO EN 2017[FemininBio /07Mar2017]
  Partners Perspectives #HLM2017 series: Interview with Sanjay Banka, Banka Bioloo Managing Director[Sanitation and Water for All/03Mar2017]
  Global Toilet Business Innovation & Investment Summit[Toilet Board Coalition/16Feb2017]
  Loo & behold[The Indian Express/22Jan2017]
  Bio-digester toilets: an effective system to manage human waste[Swachh Bharat Mission (G)/18Jan2017]
  Water Governance Initiative Working Group on Best Practices Survey[OECD/15Dec2016]
  Bio-Toilets: Sustainable Solution to India's Sanitation Challenge and Sludge Treatment[Water Today Pvt. Ltd./15Dec2016]
  Good Initiative: Bio-toilets in Banka, first in Bihar State[Hindustan/01Dec2016]
  Cartier helps women take power[Les Echos/24Nov2016]
  Marrakech Declaration of Global Alliances for Water and Climate[/15Nov2016]
  Meet The Top 3 Women Entrepreneurs Who Won The National Women Entrepreneurship Summit 'Womennovator'[Misfits/28Oct2016]
  0[Climate Technology Centre and Network/23Oct2016]
  Gender Just Climate Solutions[Women and Gender Constituency/23Oct2016]
  Swachh Rail-Swachh Bharat: Why The Big Push To Bio-Toilets?[NDTV/21Oct2016]
  Smt. Namita Banka V. Commercial Tax Officer, Agapura Circle, Abids Division, Hyderabad and another[VATLaws/13Oct2016]
  Why are you working for gender equality?[GenderCC/13Oct2016]
  Países, ONGs e setor privado vão investir mais de US$ 2 bilhões na saúde de mulheres e meninas[ONUBR/11Oct2016]
  Over $2 billion in pledges for Women's, Children's and Adolescents' Health and Wellbeing[Every Woman Every Child/22Sep2016]
  Solutions Summit - 2016[United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service/21Sep2016]
  More than $2B pledged for well-being of women, children, adolescents[WHO/20Sep2016]
  Social accountability in Water Resource Management and WASH - collaboration and momentum from the World Water Week at Stockholm[GPSA/20Sep2016]
  Members' Monday Campaign[GenderCC/19Sep2016]
  Marketing 'Potential Eco-Innovations' Successfully: A Case Study of Banka BioLoo[Economic Times/13Sep2016]
  What is India's Plumbing Problem Doing to the Environment?[/06Sep2016]
  Can't Flush This: Toilet Talk at World Water Week 2016[Broken Toilets/02Sep2016]
  CEO Water Mandate Stockholm Multi-Stakeholder Working Sessions[CEO Water Mandate/01Aug2016]
  bioloos - sustainable sanitation[The Global Ecovillage Network/21Jul2016]
  bioloos - Sustainable Solution to the Sanitation Challenge[Inclusive Business Hub/20Jul2016]
  Why are companies reluctant to embrace tech in sanitation drive?[DailyHunt /01Jul2016]
  Sanjay Banka elected first Private Sector representative of SWA Steering Committee[Sanitation and Water for All/16Jun2016]
  Interview: Sanjay Banka, Private Sector representative at SWA Steering Committee[Sanitation and Water for All/16Jun2016]
  bioloos?-?Sustainable Solution to the Sanitation Challenge[medium/13Jun2016]
  bioloos: Innovative, Environmentally-Friendly and Sustainable Sanitation[ecotechtube/11Jun2016]
  1/3 of Women and Girls Worldwide Don't Have Toilets: Here's Why That's a Feminist and Environmental Issue[Gardenia Media/05Jun2016]
  Make Money Online[/29May2016]
  Swachh Bharat & CSR - SPEAKERS 2016[Liveweek Business/25May2016]
  Swachh Bharat #MyCleanIndia[Govt. of India/22May2016]
  Safety and Sanitation: Reinventing the Toilet[News Deeply/20May2016]
  Being a woman business owner offers unusual challenges but great reward[business call to action/05May2016]
  Empowering women-owned businesses in India[International Development Research Centre/02May2016]
  Profile: From Diamond To Toilets[BW Businessworld/30Apr2016]
  Letter to Stop Closure of UNRISD[/27Apr2016]
  Because every problem is an opportunity[YourCommonwealth/21Apr2016]
  Southern India Regional Council of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India[/01Apr2016]
  Barriers to Implementing New Ideas[Results for Development/31Mar2016]
  Santitation solutions: Namita Banka marches on with determination[The Hindu/21Mar2016]
  Women Special 2016[/08Mar2016]
  Women's Day[Deccan Chronicle/08Mar2016]
  bioloos: Sustainable Solution to India's Sanitation Challenge[OpenIDEO/07Mar2016]
  All aboard! How the Indian Railways is owning its epic toilet problem[Broken Toilets/29Feb2016]
  Connect to Grow Newsletter[Connect to Grow/22Feb2016]
  Conciencia contra el cambio climático: 32 multinacionales se unen para reducir su consumo de agua[Editorial Ecoprensa, S.A./05Jan2016]
  VISION FOR A PRISTINE INDIA, ONE RAILWAY AT A TIME[THNK. School of Creative Leadership/01Dec2015]
  Time for a reality check on adaptation finance[Climate Home/24Nov2015]
  0[Africa - Water, Sanitation & Hygiene/13Nov2015]
  COWE Newsletter[COWE/06Nov2015]
  32 companies launch the Business Alliance for Water and Climate Change to ensure sustainable management of water resources in the face of climate change [Business Alliance for Water and Climate Change/04Dec2015]
  Bioloos: Sustainable Solution to India's Sanitation Challenge[Women's Major Group/22Nov2015]
  Smart Toilets the Way Forward in Digital India?[The New Indian Express/19Nov2015]
  Gail - CSR RTI[Gail/16Nov2015]
  Private Sector and water supply, sanitation and hygiene[ODI/27Oct2015]
  Umweltfreundliche Toiletten für Indien[Newsbuzzters/25Oct2015]
  Women in India[/23Oct2015]
  Eco-friendly bio-toilets improving health and dignity for India's poor[Business Call to Action/22Oct2015]
  Affordable Access to Clean Water and Sanitation[Solutions Summit/09Oct2015]
  Think Big 2015 | 9 October 2015 | Delhi, India[WEConnect International/09Oct2015]
  IT TAKES A NETWORK[The White House/09Oct2015]
  Toilets: Which NGOs are focused on waste removal/sanitation in the developing world?[Quora/08Oct2015]
  Two Indian Projects Shine Bright At The UN Solutions Summit[CSRlive/08Oct2015]
  Banka BioLoo Success Story, October 2015[Ocean Exchange/02Oct2015]
  Startups that are invariably aligned to UN 2030 sustainable development goals[YourStory Media Private Limited/01Oct2015]
  Who are the investors, banks, incubators, and accelerators in the social sector?[YourStory Media/28Sep2015]
  Inclusive business key to the new global development agenda[Business Call to Action (UNDP)/24Sep2015]
  Inclusive Business a Key Contributor to the new Global Development Agenda[UNDP/24Sep2015]
  Women entrepreneurs, how to find gold idea?[Harvard Business Publishing Group/21Sep2015]
  Technology Meets the 'Loo'[NextBillion/03Sep2015]
  Catalyzing Capital for Invention - Spotlight on India[The Lemelson Foundation/30Aug2015]
  5 Smart, Sustainable Innovations Ready To Take Over The Developing World[The open Mind/26Aug2015]
  Impacting 1 Billion By 2020 Is No Pipe Dream For These Social Entrepreneurs[Forbes/24Aug2015]
  Entrepreneurs Get Help from Silicon Valley to Battle Poverty[India West/17Aug2015]
  An Open Letter: The Case for Deworming Children[Children Without Worms/08Aug2015]
  ETV Special Story On Bio Toilets Maker Namita Banka[/07Aug2015]
  Bio-digester Toilets: A Sustainable Solution to India's Sanitation Challenge[Results for Development/07Aug2015]
  Charity by coercion[Business Standard Private Ltd./16Jul2015]
  Bringing Indoor Plumbing to India[/19Jun2015]
  Global research study on Private Sector Engagement in WASH[Overseas Development Institute/13May2015]
  "Money down the drain"[Hindu Business Line/08May2015]
  My Business Tackles Women's Sanitation Needs[UN Women/10Apr2015]
  WASH Workstream Teleconference[Children Without Worms/27Feb2015]
  Bio-toilets: Sustainable solution to India's sanitation challenge[Global Water Forum /23Feb2015]
  Doing Good & Social Entrepreneurship[Frederique Constant Foundation/11Feb2015]
  Not Just Toilets Please[The CSR Journal/31Jan2015]
  10 - Point Wish List For A Greener India in 2015[Sustainability Next/30Jan2015]
  The Pit Excrevator[/27Jan2015]
  Twenty Social Entrepreneurs Chosen for the Class of 2015 Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI®) Accelerator[Santa Clara University/15Jan2015]
  Feedback by Civil Society on the FfD Informal Substantive Sessions and Input on Modalities of Negotiation Sessions and CSO Forum[/13Jan2015]
  Green SME finance in India - experiences from the ground[SWITCH-Asia Network/09Jan2015]
  Copenhagen Announced as the Official Location of the Women Deliver 2016 Global Conference[Women Deliver/06Jan2015]
  Top Five Blog Posts of 2014[WASHfunders /31Dec2014]
  Women in Green Industry - Namita Banka[UNIDO: Green Industry Platform/17Dec2014]
  Namita Banka has revolutionized sanitation by developing "The Banka Bioloo" A toilet that needs no plumbing.[Dalmia Bharat Group/17Dec2014]
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  Bio-toilets: Treat Fecal Matter and Waste Water[Wastewater Solutions for Development/13Oct2014]
  Sustainable Technology With A Twist[]
  10 toilet designs that can actually work in rural India[Rural Marketing/08Oct2014]
  Updated comments on India's progress vis-à-vis SACOSAN commitments[WASHWatch/06Oct2014]
  Inclusive business a key contributor to the new global development agenda[Tralac/25Sep2014]
  Bio-toilets - Sustainable Solution to India's Sanitation Challenge[UN Sustainable Development/25Sep2014]
  5 Indian Companies Fighting Global Poverty[The Borgen Project/24Sep2014]
  Private Sector Initiative - database of actions on adaptation[UNFCCC/23Sep2014]
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  Creating A Future Of Social Entrepreneurship[/17Aug2014]
  Cost-Efficient and Simple Anaerobic Digestion-Based Solution for Human Waste Management[Frost & Sullivan/15Aug2014]
  Exhibition-cum-Workshop on Innovation in Water and Sanitation[Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation/08Aug2014]
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  Toilets Can Save Lives: India's latest rape atrocity highlights violence against women-and the half-billion Indians without indoor plumbing[The Wall Street Journal/05Jun2014]
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  Real Life Super Heroes[The New Indian Express (newspaper)/01Jan2014]
  BioLoos helping meet needs of 600 million toilet-less Indians[PHLUSH /24Dec2013]
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