Manufactruing, Supplying and Installation of Bio-tanks for digestion of human waste as complete solution.
Rentals and AMC of mobile Biotoilets.
Consultancy for development of large Bio Tank.
Waste water treatment and recycling solutions
Handling low cost housing Projects for better sanitation requirement at rural area.
Sales of spares of Control Discharge Toilet system (CDTS) to Indian Railways

Market Catered to

Schools, villages,
Small communities
Construction sites,
Indian Railways
Industrial Factories or
Where there are no sewage lines or direct connection to the municipal sewerage systems

Management Team : Core group comprises of 4 very competent individuals expert in their own fields.

Technology : Technology partnered with DRDE, Gwalior (Defense Research Development establishment)

Production Plan : Factory at CIA 4Th Phase

Critical Risk and Problems

Risks: This is 100% safe and risk free social enterprise working at grass root level, it has a tremendous scope for scalability at various scale level.

The Byproduct of this system is BIO GAS (Methane and CO2) and NUTRIENT RICH waste water with a maintained PH value.

Our basic model can be scaled to

Collection and utilization of Biogas for household purpose
Recycling and reusing of waste water by different methods
Sell Natural BIO-Digester as fertilizers to rural area

And finally we can get this system married to ALGAE GROWTH TECHNOLOGY for production of Bio Fuels.

Financial and Economic Plan

Graph 1 : We have grown substantially in the last 2 years with high turnover and huge profits.This we achieved with

1) Good service
2) Timly delivery
3) Prompt utilisation of resources
4) Good management team


We have huge opportunity for growth and sustainability. We need to follow systems as laid in the previous years. We have to keep track and monitor ourselves and our company performance at various levels to avoid over confidence of team.

Our key Focus in the coming year (2012-13) will be

1) Building our capacity
2) Bringing on board technically and morally sound individuals
3) Upgrade our manufacturing facilities
4) Target International market


We wish to create a niche for ourselves in manufacturing materials and services to Railways and other public and private sector setups with new technology.