Bio-Toilets – Sustainable Sanitation

What is a Bio-toilet and how does it work?

A Bio-toilet is a complete end-to-end solution, consisting of a bio-digester tank attached to a toilet seat with prefabricated shelter above the ground.

Bio-toilets are constructed using bio-digester technology. The main constituents of a bio-toilet include a prefabricated shelter above the ground and a bio-digester tank. The bio-digester tank is a cylindrical or cubical structure with the provision of an inlet for human waste and outlet for water and a small vent for biogas. A person can use the toilet which is connected to the bio-digester. On a dry weight basis, 90% of the solid waste is reduced. The biogas produced in very minor quantities is continuously let off into the atmosphere or used for various energy-intensive activities such as cooking, heating, etc if generated in sufficient volumes.

Distinctive advantages of bio-toilets
  • Disposes of human waste in a 100% eco-friendly manner.
  • Generates colorless, odorless inflammable biogas.
  • Generates odorless, recycled water rich in nutrients suitable for gardening.
  • Does not require a septic tank or external sewage treatment infrastructure.
  • Suitable for all conditions. Can be deployed almost everywhere.
  • 100% maintenance-free.
  • Inoculum charging is required only once, during the lifetime of the bio-toilet.
  • Routine cleaning do not harm the bio-toilet or the inoculum.
  • Economically viable with no dependence on costly conventional energy sources.
  • Easy to install, maintain and can be operationalized in 12 hours.

Which bacteria is used in Bio-Toilets?

Banka BioLoo develops Bio-Toilets in collaboration with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). DRDO bio-digester technology uses Psychrophile, a type of anaerobic bacteria. With a ability to survive in cold temperatures (up to -55 degree Celsius), this bacterium is used extensively in the technology. This bacterium helps in degrading human faecal waste in an eco-friendly manner. It breaks down 90% of the solid human waste to release water and bio-gas, which is 50-70% methane.

What is the life span of a bio-toilet?

A Bio-Toilet made by Banka BioLoo is easy to install, and needs very less maintenance. The average life span of a bio-toilet can be up to 35 years.

What all you will need for a bio-toilet project?

  • The physical space you will need for installing a bio-toilet.
  • The number people who will use the bio-toilet every day.
  • The water supply needed for the bio-toilet.
  • The professional installation and civil work to be done.
  • They type of bio-toilet configuration that will suit your purpose.

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