Being Environmentally Friendly is
now a Competitive Advantage

Sustainable Solution to your Sanitation Challenges

This scientifically-advanced onsite toilet system efficiently disposes human waste in an environmentally-friendly manner. It is a primary treatment, that gives reusable water and biogas. The physical toilet structure and the associated waste treatment tank together form a complete, end-to-end Bio-Toilet solution.

Keep your Patrons and
Staff Safe

The FootLoo range of western closet toilets is a revolutionary, foot-operated, low-water flush system. FootLoo comes in two specifications. The “No Water Tank” type saves up to 83% water compared to a traditional western toilet. The “Small Water Tank” type can save up to 77%. With FootLoo, you get a highly effective flush with only 1/4th of the traditional water tank. FootLoo also comes with the advantages of modern, leakage-free design, easy installation and maintenance, and hands-free operation to keep your patrons and staff safe.

Economical, Long-lasting, Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants

Two sanitation leaders, Banka BioLoo Limited and Aqua Nishihara Corporation have partnered to empower Indian homes, businesses and communities with the Johkasou Wastewater Treatment Technology. Developed and used in Japan for over four decades, Johkasou is a decentralized, wastewater treatment system.

Superior Advantages:


Environmental, Septage, Water Testing Services

Banka BioLoo continues to invest heavily in its state-of-the-art laboratory to analyze, and scientifically advocate on water and wastewater treatment systems to enhance public health, and lead to a better environment. The company offers high quality testing services – helminths and E. coli testing, groundwater and drinking water tests, apart from analyses of biosolids, field services and much more.

Operations and Maintenance

The Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks globally. The railways passengers’ base grew from 3.6 billion to 8.2 billion in last four decades at an average rate of 4% per annum. Banka BioLoo partners with Indian Railways to ensure a pleasant travel experience for millions of passengers every day. We undertake operations & maintenance (O&M), monitoring of bio-toilets, and controlled discharge toilet systems (CDTS) deployed in the trains.

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