Pluto – GeoBag Based FSTP

The challenges of faecal sludge management: Faecal sludge management has to cope with a number of challenges.
Health hazard through manual emptying Individuals: Owing to the lack of emptying services in rural areas manual scaving is the only way to empty the pits leading.
Indiscriminate disposal: Due to non availability of disposal sites leads to uncontrolled dumping of collected faecal sludge. This causes serious health impacts, water pollution and eye and nose sores for everyone.
Severe lack of treatment facility: No small scale treatment facilities are made available to cater to populations less than forty thousand in a cost effective manner.
Pluto a small scale , faecal sludge treatment plant (FSTP) based on Geobag technology. The Pluto FSTP can be installed at panchayat level. The local officer has to direct all the de-suldgers to the plant for safe disposal. The trucks are GPS installed and monitored by the local authority.
Pluto faecal Sludge Treatment Plant enables:
  • Odour Less environment and closed bag system 
  • Designated place for discharging the waste
  • Local manpower
  • Simple process which is understandable and manageable by local staff
  • Batch process, eliminating the dependency of availability of electricity all the time
  • Consistent quality of discharge water 
  • Local entrepreneurship through franchises
  • Small Space requirement
Key features of Pluto:

Modular : The components of the treatment plant are made of ready-made Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tanks and the process room is containerised. The system does not require lot of civil works thereby reducing the time to erect and commission

Ease of operation: The system has minimum mechanical parts and automation, which can be handled by local youth after completing a basic training provided by Banka BioLoo.

Odourless Environment: The faecal sludge is stored in the Geobags and are not exposed to the open environment, keeping odour out and the treatment plant clean and mess free

Energy friendly: The use of only one pump needs very little electricity.

Low Cost: Low capex and opex leads to low total cost of ownership

Highly Sustainable and scalable: The factory made products and ease of setting up can help in scaling in numbers and parallel installations can be handled easily.

Effective treatment: The Geobag technology has been very effective in lowering the fluctuating BOD of the sludge & hence we are able to deliver constant quality. The solid is also decamped within the bag for 6 week killing all pathogens and helminths. BOD  < 30  & ECOLi < 1000 MPN and  <.01% Helminths in the solid.

Why Geobag technology is better
The options available in the market are thermal, dewats based solutions. Thermal systems consume a lot of energy and give out smoke in the air leading to air pollution. Thermal based system such as a pyrolyzer method uses biomass mixed with the solids to dry in the dryer before it can be burned to biochar. Dewats systems are planted, frying bed technology where the sludge is left on the bed to dry in open, which has an environmental issue and requires a lot of land. Dewats systems also cannot handle high fluctuation in the characteristics of the incoming sludge.

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