Urban STP – Engineered Onsite Treatment

What is an Urban STP?

First, let us understand the word STP. It stands for Sewage Treatment Plant. Simply put, a STP is a solution to treat wastewater from various domestic, commercial and industrial sources. A STP solution can efficiently remove harmful substances present in wastewater that deteriorate water quality and affect public health and safety when discharged without any treatment.

An Urban STP is a STP specially designed for installation in urban locations like schools, hospitals, residential complexes, hotels, office and commercial buildings and more. The distinctive feature of an Urban STP is its highly compact design for easy installation when the physical space is constrained. An Urban STP is also very easy to maintain.

Two sanitation leaders, Banka BioLoo Limited and Aqua Nishihara Corporation are exploring collaboration opportunities to jointly empower Indian homes, businesses and communities with the Johkasou Wastewater Treatment Technology. Developed and used in Japan for over four decades. Johkasou is a decentralized, wastewater treatment system. The Johkasou Wastewater Treatment Technology is an Urban Sewage Treatment Plant (Urban STP), and has varied commercial uses cases across small and medium communities, office buildings, hotels, educational institutions, hospitals and more. It is the most on-site effective way to treat and reuse wastewater.

Treatment Flow of State Of the art, Johkasou Technology based Urban STPs:
Chamber 1:
The process begins with decantation where liquid and solid wastes are separated by using gravity.
Chamber 2:
Anaerobic media is placed where microorganisms decompose the organic material contained in the wastewater.
Chamber 3:
Moving bed chamber is filled with Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) media that comes into action by aeration.
Chamber 4:
Sterilization agents are used to remove pathogenic microorganisms from the treated water before it is discharged as recycled water for multiple usage requirements.
Why Johkasou Technology based Urban STPs are an excellent choice:
  • High Performance wastewater treatment system
  • Easy to maintain
  • Consumes low energy
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Highly modular and scalable
  • Long plant life with consistently high performance

All our Urban STP models are built to treat waste water from Residence, Industries and Communities - toilets and kitchen. They all have:

AC-SED System

Double stage wastewater treatment for maximum and amazing performance.

NBF System

The compact solution foil sewage treatment plant. Urban bio treatment technology for modern life style.

Septic Biofilm

Effective and efficient wastewater treatment system which reduces odor and effluent Biochemical Oxygen Demand.

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